Lunar Rover 1971

Forty Six years ago yesterday, the Apollo 15 was launched with the lunar rover built here at Boeing in the Kent Valley! We have a newspaper clipping from July 28, 1971 with a first hand account of the launch by Wini Carter. (Unfortunately we only have the first part of the article, but it’s interesting nevertheless).
Also pictured are the 3 astronauts getting onto the van to take them to the launch site.

The last photo is of a small float built for Ezra Meeker Days that year to commemorate the rover! Kendall Brookbank pictured.

To continue with the lunar buggy news clippings, here are a few more from October 1971, when the astronauts visited Kent to thank the Boeing employees for their great work.
The Jaycees sold buttons commemorating the lunar buggy to raise money for charity.