Second Floor Photo Tour

Up the stairs from the entryway…


Our first rotating exhibit is to the right of the stair case. Right now, the exhibit is dedicated to movies and films.


The bathroom features all the period appropriate tub, sink, and toilet.


The master bedroom.


The children’s room features all metal beds and some example of toys that the Bereiter boys may have owned.


The personal effects of Mr. M. M. Morrill on display outside the sewing room.


Our community room, devoted to a rotating displays of Kent History.


In the community room, a display of memorabilia and artifacts from the Carnation Company.


Up in the attic was a slate pool table, a card table, and a liquor cabinet where the gentlemen could retire after dinner.

There is much more to the house than just what is in these few pictures.  We encourage you to visit the museum to learn more!