The Bereiter House

The house is situated on the north side of East Smith Street. The lot to the west originally contained the Bereiter gazebo and orchard. Now it is the location of the Masonic Temple. Mill Creek is across the street from the house. The house and its landscaped grounds were once a showplace in Kent.

The two-story wood frame structure with clapboard exterior has a hip roof with exposed rafters. Two hipped roof dormers are on the east side of the house.

The house has 1,940 sq. ft. of floor space on the first floor, 1,635 sq. ft. on the second floor, for a total of 3,575 sq. ft. The third floor has approximately 800 sq. ft. and was used as a game area; one room had a pool table and the other was a card room.

There is a small basement large enough only for the hot water boiler that heated the house, which had twelve radiators.

The ceilings are 10 ft. high.

The house is listed as a fifteen room house: eight on the first floor; five on the second floor; and two on the third, or attic floor.

The first and second floors have plaster walls and ceilings. The third floor has stained wood paneling. The first floor office also has wood paneling.

Five of the rooms have hardwood flooring, the other seven have fir. All rooms have fir wood trim.

There is one fireplace in the living room, with inglenook benches on each side that open to store wood.

Doors and windows have simple molded trim. Most windows are double-hung and have leaded glass in their upper sashes. The front (south) façade has two oriel windows, one at each corner of the second floor. Thirteen corbel brackets support each oriel window.

There is 965 sq. ft. of porch space on the house. The eight-foot wide entrance porch extends from the southeast corner to the center of the west façade. Sets of Doric columns support the porch roof. A plain railing encloses the porch. The main entry, a carved door with two flush sidelights, is in the center of the south façade.

North of the porch on the west façade, overlooking downtown Kent, is a two-story polygonal bay with a rectangular hip roof. The second story has an open porch.

At the back of the house is a shed (9 x 12 ft.), used to store wood and coal. The building has a hip roof with exposed rafters, clapboard siding, and plain corner boards.

The carriage house (18 x 18 ft.) has a loft overhead. It has a gable roof with exposed rafters and a dormer on the south side. The exterior is covered with plain boards. Trim is rough sawn lumber.

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