The Museum Grounds

Another Place, Another Time

Recognizing the rich history and culture of the Kent area Japanese-American Community

“The Issei came as young immigrants before the turn of the century, helped clear the land and set their roots in the fertile soil. Though diligence and fortitude, they were successful in the endeavors in agriculture, and contributed much to the economy of the White River Valley.

The Ties between the Issei and their succeeding generations are symbolized by the rope design leading from the rock to the concrete pillar. The bench, a partial outline of a flower, and the granite vegetable and flower engravings, represent the agricultural heritage of the Issei. Memories of the Japanese American Legacy in the White River Valley are quoted from the Nisei community and their friends and neighbors.”

—Stuart S. Nakamura, Artist

Veterans Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker

The Blue Star Memorial Marker represents honor for the United States of America and appreciation for the members of the armed services of America. This location is the only Memorial and Community gathering place in the area to recognize all past, present and future veterans who serve or have served in America’s Armed Forces.

The Blue Star By-Way Veteran’s Memorial Marker and Rose Garden was dedicated September 27, 2006.

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