Hallock’s Car

We have several scrapbooks full of photos from the Rasmussen family, from Kent, WA. Here is a photo of their car with a horse right behind it- a sign of the times.
George Hallock is at the wheel, next to him is his wife, Stella Rasmussen Hallock, in the back seat on the left is Edna Hallock (George’s sister), and next to her is Helen Rasmussen (age 15). c. 1915, place unknown.

A. A. Rutledge Co.

This photo is from a (previously cracked) glass plate negative. Two gentlemen are in a carriage in front of A.A. Rutledge Co. in downtown Kent. The smaller sign says “Music Store”.  No more is known about the date or the company in the photo.
Do you know anything about A.A. Rutledge Co.?

Our friend Eric shared two newspaper ads for A.A. Rutledge Co. from 1907 & 1908: