Hallock’s Car

We have several scrapbooks full of photos from the Rasmussen family, from Kent, WA. Here is a photo of their car with a horse right behind it- a sign of the times.
George Hallock is at the wheel, next to him is his wife, Stella Rasmussen Hallock, in the back seat on the left is Edna Hallock (George’s sister), and next to her is Helen Rasmussen (age 15). c. 1915, place unknown.

1914 Report Card

With finals coming up soon, it’s nice to know there has always seemed to be report cards and commiserate with those in the past. Here is the report card for Frank Bouldron for the school year of 1913- 1914 at Kent High School. (He was a pretty good student, mostly A’s and B’s!)

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The Taylor School

This is a letter recalling Mr. Harry Waid’s years at the Taylor School just outside of Kent. It was published in installments and we only have one of them, but it shows what it was like going to school in the early 1900’s. It was printed in Aug. 1963.
The first photo is of a class in 1900 at the Taylor School. It is noted that Mrs. Failor was the teacher and Faye Hart is the smallest one in the front row.

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Danny Pierce in Alaska

Danny Pierce was a painter that lived right here on East Hill! He has work in the Smithsonian and he painted many of our murals downtown. In the Kent News-Journal on Dec. 16, 1959, a letter he wrote back home when he was in Alaska was printed, describing his experiences there.

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George Whall and the Cabin he was Born In

This is a story that ran in a local newspaper in July 1966, about George Whall and the cabin he was born in on Aug 15, 1890, still standing at that time. It was located on 132nd Ave SE., Kent, WA.

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